About Croatia

Croatia is one of the best destinations for nautical tourism in the world.

With 1244 islands, out of which 67 inhabited, and many gorgeous coastal towns, this European nautical attraction is a TOP destination for sea lovers. The coastal sea surface extends to 33,200 square kilometres with the coastal length of about 5,835 square kilometres...

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About Rijeka

The city of Rijeka is the most important place in the Kvarner Gulf.

It is a favorite place for boaters, and is especially popular for its beautiful bays, hidden beaches, charming towns and modern marinas. Pleasant temperatures and stable wind conditions make for an unforgettable sailing vacation from Rijeka in Croatia, especially for families and beginners in sailing.

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Pick a package to feel the Kvarner – best destination in Croatia.


KIGO yacht are available even for Croatian citizens with average incomes due to the acceptable price and the number of passengers who can share the costs.
Every day, being on a different island, in a different place, and in a lot of interesting bays is always nicer than being in a fixed place.

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