Regija KIGO (Kvarner i Gorski Kotar)

After Zagreb and Split, in terms of population, Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia and due to its geographical position, also the most important Croatian seaport.
Korzo is the city’s main promenade and is also known as the heart of Rijeka. You can find beaches either in the eastern or in the western part of the city.

Rijeka is an old harbor city and at the same time probably the most important city of the Kvarner bay, also Rijeka forms the northern end of the bay. The Kvarner Bay is a preferred area for sailors, because the Rijeka area does not have large waves and when there is Bura or Jugo it is protected by islands from all sides. The Kvarner islands are pleasant for sailing when is Bura, Maestral and Jugo, with many protected bays and a beautiful landscape.

Kvarner is a very popular sailing destination with wonderful bays, hidden beaches, charming towns and modern marinas. The Kvarner region is located between Istria and Dalmatia and its the oldest Croatian destination for tourism. In the 19th century Kvarner was an important  destination for the richest people from Europe, and because of that on Kvarner you can find the most beautiful villas and hotels from the 19 th century.

Kvarner is also known for its health tourism due to the continental and Mediterranean climate, so Kvarner is the first center in the world for asthma and bronchitis, top wellness, many cycling trails, walks along with medicinal herbs, diving, sailing, dental polyclinics and health- terme.

Five of the most important islands in the Kvarner are Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab and northern Pag. These islands are completely different, but each is interesting in its own way, while the northern pag is adapted to the younger population of tourists such as Spanish Ibiza.
Cres and Krk are adapted to family tourism with an agricultural component of production of fruits, vegetables, meat and olive oil.

The island of Lošinj is adapted for elite guests with top hotels and campgrounds, while the island of Rab is full of history and sandy beaches. One of the smaller islands in Kvarner is the island of Susak which is different from all 1244 islands in Croatia because it is entirely made of sand. From Susak comes interesting wine from the Kozlovich family as well as the first mini dresses in the world. In Kvarner there is also the most exlusive bay that has linked the history of modernity and luxury from the 19 th century till today.

In the bay of Čikat the most demanding tourists can be completely satisfied. On Lošinj they will start to build the two largest and most expensive golf playgrounds with 18 holes in Croatia.

Kigo regija